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The Jones Case
 Legal Issues

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Key legal documents from the case.


Judge In Jones' Case Known for Sticking to the Law - April 1, 1998

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Mike McCurry Reacts To Judge's Ruling - April 1, 1998

Clinton's Lawyer Bob Bennett Reacts To Judge's Ruling - April 1, 1998

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Mike McCurry Reacts To Judge's Ruling - April 1, 1998

Voter's Voice

We've received a ton of e-mail on Paula Jones' lawsuit, and here's some of it. Or join an online discussion on our community page.

Changing Look

Paula Jones has changed lawyers, personal advisors and even her looks. Check out the changes with a JavaScript-enabled browser.


Chris Weyant reveals Bill Clinton's secret birthmark.

An inside look at the settlement negotiations, courtesy of Bill Mitchell.

Mitchell says Clinton's golf game just isn't the same.

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Full Text Of Jones' Original Complaint



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President Clinton's remarks on the dismissal of the suit

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In Other News

Thursday April 2, 1998

Clinton Welcomes Jones Decision; Appeal Likely
Bowles Testifies Before Grand Jury
Reno Reviewing Allegations Hale Was Paid By Conservative Group
Lawyer: Jones Appeal 99 Percent Likely
Specter Urges Caution On Impeachment
Women Have Mixed Reactions To Dismissal Of Jones' Case

Ken Starr Discusses His Investigation

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