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White House To Announce Grants To Combat Youth Drunken Driving

By John King/CNN

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 1) -- Administration officials tell CNN the White House will announce new grants Wednesday to combat drunken driving by juveniles. They will also use the occasion to criticize the House for failing to include an anti-drunken driving measure in major highway legislation, sources say.

According to the officials, the Justice Department grants would total roughly $30 million and go to state programs designed to educate youths about the dangers of drinking and driving.

In making that announcement, the officials said the administration would voice its displeaure at the House Rules Committee. On Tuesday, the committee refused to include a proposal for a national .08 blood alcohol level for driving under the influence as part of the highway bill.

Democratic sponors of the measure, a Clinton Administration priority, blamed the decision on pressure from the liquor lobby. The .08 blood alcohol level, lower than the current norm, was endorsed by the Senate.

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White House To Announce Grants To Combat Youth Drunken Driving

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