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 Jones' Lawyers Show Their Hand (03-13-98)

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 Jones v. Clinton



Legal Documents Released In The Jones v. Clinton Case

March 16, 1998

Paula Jones' lawyers released about 700 pages of legal arguments and documents on Friday, March 13, hoping to persuade an Arkansas judge that Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton should proceed to trial as scheduled.

Included in the papers provided to the court were excerpts from the depositions of President Bill Clinton and ex-White House staffer Kathleen Willey, declarations from Linda Tripp, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, as well as the Jones' lawyers brief opposing the Clinton team's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Here are about 450 pages from what the Jones team filed:

President Bill Clinton Deposition

Kathleen Willey Deposition

Plaintiff's Opposition To Defendant Clinton's Motion For Summary Judgment

Monica Lewinsky Affidavit

Monica Lewinsky Subpoena

Linda Tripp Declaration

Paula Jones Declaration

Gennifer Flowers Declaration

Gennifer Flowers Deposition

Dolly Kyle Browning Declaration

Exhibit A: Clinton's Handwritten Notes

Dolly Kyle Browning Deposition


Lydia Cathey Deposition

Declaration Of Patrick J. Carnes

Pamela Blackard Deposition

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Legal Documents Released In The Jones v. Clinton Case

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