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Chung Pleads Guilty

LOS ANGELES (AllPolitics, March 16) -- Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung pleaded guilty Monday to charges of illegally channeling $20,000 to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1995.

Appearing in federal court in Los Angeles, Chung also admitted guilt to three other charges including tax evasion, bank fraud and an illegal donation to the re-election campaign of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)

A subdued Chung repeated, "Yes, your honor," to several questions posed to him by U.S. District Judge Manuel Real, including whether Chung was aware of the potential sentence he faces in the case. Chung could receive a maximum 37 years in prison and a fine of nearly $1.5 million when he is sentenced July 20.

"Do you feel it is in your best interest to plead guilty rather than go to trial in this matter?" Real asked.

"Yes, your honor," replied Chung.

Outside court, Chung said he wanted to put the situation behind him as soon as possible. Chung has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their continuing probe of campaign finance irregularities.

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