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Lawyer: New Witness 'Won't Be Good' For Clinton

But she will not allege a relationship with president

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, March 15) -- A New York woman who has been called to testify before independent counsel Ken Starr's grand jury on Tuesday will give testimony that "won't be good for President Clinton," her lawyer told CNN.

But Keith Watters, the attorney for Sherrie Densuk, 24, said she will not allege that she had a relationship with Clinton.

Watters also told CNN that Densuk did not work at the White House and does not know Clinton. He characterized her information as "collateral," meaning that she is expected to pass on "information that is not firsthand." But he said Densuk will be a "knowledgeable witness."

"There is a big story here," Watters said.

New York media reports have described Densuk as a White House intern at about the same time as Monica Lewinsky, the former intern who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Clinton. But Watters said there have been a number of inaccuracies in reports about Densuk.

White House officials say Densuk remains a mystery to them. No one can recall her ever working or interning at the White House, and a preliminary check of computer records shows she has never been cleared into the White House during Clinton's presidency, according to one official.


The White House official told CNN it is possible there could have been a spelling mistake or other search error -- but that no one on the White House staff has any recollection of Densuk.

Densuk was described by the New York Post as a former "talent scout" for CNN. But employment records at CNN show no current or former employee named Sherrie Densuk.

Watters said he met for an hour Sunday with Starr "to discuss the parameters of her testimony." He declined to characterize what information Densuk had for the grand jury.

"It has nothing to do with Monica Lewinsky. It has nothing to do with Vernon Jordan. It has something to do with the president," Watters said.

When asked about Densuk, Lewinsky's attorney, Bill Ginsburg, said, "We have no idea what her relationship is with the case."

"We know from our own investigation she has nothing to do with Monica Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky does not know her," Ginsburg said.

Several other former interns who have been subpoenaed have contacted the White House counsel's office for help in getting legal advice. But Densuk did not. She retained Watters, who is a friend of Nathaniel Speights, one of Lewinsky's attorneys.

Correspondents John King and Bob Franken contributed to this report.

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