Minor Rift Between First Pets

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Jan. 6) -- Rumors that the two first pets are not getting along were confirmed Tuesday in Washington.

Buddy, the chocolate Labrador who is the new addition to Bill Clinton's family, had an "in your face" encounter with Socks, the first cat.

After accompanying the president to a surprise 65th birthday party for Education Secretary Richard Riley, Clinton walked the first pooch over to Socks, who sat tethered on the White House South Lawn.

Buddy promptly barked, and Socks wasted no time responding with an arched back and hisses.

Clinton held Buddy in place, trying to restrain him from barking, to no avail.

White House photographer Sharon Farmer stroked the highly agitated first cat, trying to calm him.

The president finally led Buddy away.

Asked about the encounter as he walked into the White House, Clinton said he was "making progress."

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