Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

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Key Transcripts

Check here for excerpts of interviews and testimony from Congress' hearings into campaign finance abuses.

Sen. Thompson Questions NSA Sandy Berger (9/11/97)
Former DNC Chair Don Fowler Faces The Committee (9/9/97)
Testimony Of Gore Aide David Strauss (9/5/97)
Nun Destroyed Documents That 'might cause embarrassment' (9/4/97)
Temple Attorney: Asian Under Attack (9/4/97)
Temple Bookkeeper, 'I really got nervous' (9/4/97)
Huang's Bid For Immunity (7/8/97)

Interviews and Specials

Spin control continues long after the hearings recess for the evening, check out what key players are saying outside of the hearing room. Plus take a look at CNN's special coverage of the Senate Campaign Finance Hearings.

CNN Special On the Money Trail:
The Senate Campaign Finance Hearings Resume
Torricelli, Brownback Discuss The Campaign Finance Hearings (9/5/97)
Huang's Attorney And Torricelli Discuss Immunity (7/11/97)
Sen. Glenn Discusses Senate Campaign Finance Hearings (7/7/97)
Sen. Thompson Ready For Public Hearings (7/3/97)
Sen. Glenn Talks About Senate Investigation (7/2/97)

The Highlights

Day-by-day summaries of the high points from July's session are here in 'The Highlights.'

Investigators Told Not To Probe Trie (7/31)
Wu's White House Visits (7/30)
Trie In The Spotlight (7/29)
Witness Contradicts Barbour's Testimony (7/25)
Barbour In The Hot Seat (7/24)
Senate Committee Grants Immunity To Nuns (7/23)
Huang's Lippo Contacts Raise Questions (7/17)
More Questions About Huang (7/16)
GOP Unearths Bogus '92 Donation (7/15)
Republicans Dig In (7/10)
Former Dem Finance Chief Gets Grilled, But Lightly (7/9)
Opening Day Revelations (7/8)

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