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Fog Delays Clinton's Florida Trip

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Oct. 31) -- Heavy fog at Andrews Air Force Base threw a crimp into President Bill Clinton's schedule today, delaying for 2 1/2 hours his departure for a day of events in Florida.

When the president arrived at the airport, his Marine One helicopter had to make two passes before it could get a good enough fix on the runway to land. A truck that normally guides the chopper had to communicate with the aircraft by radio because of the poor visibility. Finally the fog lifted enough for the presidential jet to get airborne.

The purpose for Clinton's Florida trip is two-fold: To promote fast-track trade authority and expansion of free trade ties with Latin America, and to raise money for the cash-strapped Democratic Party.

Clinton will meet with business leaders at a West Palm Beach shipping company to promote the fast-track trade legislation, which the House is expected to consider Nov. 7.

Clinton said Thursday fast-track authority would let him strike deals that "break down foreign barriers to our goods and services and directly benefit American workers and American companies." Some members of Congress and labor and environmental groups, however, oppose giving the president the power to negotiate agreements subject only to up-or-down votes in Congress.

On the fund-raising front, Clinton is the star attraction at a first-of-its-kind retreat for big Democratic donors. The weekend fund-raising could gross $3 million for the party.

It remains to be seen how much of a personal pitch Clinton will be able to make to attendees, though. His doctor has urged him to keep quiet to give his hoarse voice a rest.

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