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Watergate's Legacy

Last week, in advance of Watergate's 25th anniversary, we asked readers what they remembered about the scandal and what they thought it meant.

Here's some of the e-mail we got, and if you'd like to comment on the day's events, you can reach us at editor@AllPolitics.com. Be sure to include your name and home town.


I just wanted to say thanks. I have been fascinated by Watergate since it happened, and really appreciate all of the work you as a team put into the site. Have not finished reading it all yet, but what I've looked at so far has been great!

Thanks again.

-- Mark E. Sarvela, June 17

'A Member Of The Secret Service'

I believe even after 25 years Deep Throat is a member of the Secret Service that served under President Nixon. Who else would be privileged to such secret information without being watched by Nixon aides?

-- Dave Nelson, June 17

'A Bigger Crook In The White House'

Well, 25 years have passed and what have the American people learned? Nothing. We now have a BIGGER CROOK in the White House. I NEVER thought that I would say this, but Clinton makes Nixon look like an amateur. Wake up people!!!!!

-- Bruce Flynn, June 17

'Fred Buzhardt'

Deep Throat was White House counsel Fred Buzhardt, the expletive deleter. Try to get Woodward to deny it; he can't. Check back on the facts. Buzhardt was in on all the discussions in the Oval Office and was never accused of anything. He's the only clean one in the insiders ...

-- Jeryl Cordell, Sept. 17

'Excellent Job'

Excellent job on your special Watergate section. I remember it all so well. It's hard to believe it began 25 years ago. You did a fine job pulling the facts, the feelings and the memories together. Thanks.

-- Abe Rosenberg, June 17

'A Liar, And Untrustworthy'

My recollection of Watergate is that when I was about 9 or 10 years old I had a poster of all of Richard Nixon's men with "Wanted" underneath. It was a black and white poster, with Magruder, Liddy, etc. I loved it. I used to get in arguments at that time with classmates telling them that the president was a liar, and untrustworthy. God knows how I put together these thoughts and arguments -- I was 9 and living in Texas -- but I spoke them with conviction -- our president, a crook! -- and kept a healthy distrust, and strangely enough, a patriotic view of government and our country. I'm a registered Texas Democrat and served four years in the U.S. Navy, and still active in politics.

-- Chris Jones, June 17

'I Felt Betrayed'

I felt betrayed. Looking back I think, "How could you be so naive?" I believed in my country and I respected its leaders. That respect was torn to shreds.

I was 12, almost 13 when Watergate started. I was an avid reader of the paper and started following the story. At first I didn't understand a lot, but I learned a lot in the next 18-24 months. A lot about lying, ambition, investigations, money laundering, what lawyers were, plea bargains, prison sentences, immunity, judges and the power of the Supreme Court ...

My mom and I were talking about this over the weekend, how cynical my generation is and about Vietnam/Watergate. If only one of the two had happened our ideals might have stood up, but both forever tainted our outlook ...

I still vote, but the president is just the president. He's not my president. That may sound silly, but up until Nixon the president was my president as well. Like I said, I was very naive.

-- Colette Duranleau, June 17

'Fueled By Partisan Politics'

Such journalism, such zeal, fueled by partisan politics, ended in national disgrace of a president who stemmed inflation, gave us detente, and ended the war. If Nixon lied, he did so to protect his men, however good or evil, the same as we all would do to protect our friends, neighbors, family.

The Democrats made much political hay then, strengthening their stranglehold on Congressional seats, seizing the presidency and most of the governorships and state houses.

What is the legacy of such an affair? The loss or abdication of political power by one party to the other? Or, the penchant of a liberal-biased press to ignore the current scandals of a Democratic presidency? Has the pendulum swung perpetually to the left that it will take a generation for it to return to center?

-- Dr. William E. Sewell, June 18

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