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Who Was Deep Throat?

Watergate And Public Cynicism

Analysis: Nixon's Victory In Defeat

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Poll: Public Perceptions Of Watergate

Sights and Sounds: Hearings, Resignation, Farewell

Streaminvg Video:

Larry King Live - talks with Bob Woodward 2 part (39:27 min. VXtreme)

Burden Of Proof - Watergate Aniversary 3 part (18:09 min. VXtreme)

John Dean on Inside Politics (5:51 min. VXtreme)

'Toonist Bill Mitchell checks in on Richard Nixon (in a very hot place).

AllPolitics 'Toonist Bob Lang looks back at Watergate.

Transcripts: Nixon's resignation speech, Nixon's farewell speech, Ford's pardon speech, Dole's eulogy of Nixon

Voter's Voice: the Watergate legacy

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On The Hill

The Watergate break-in took place on June 17, 1972, but it wasn't until the following May that the scandal hit the Hill at full steam. From May 17, 1973, when the Senate Watergate Committee convened, until July 27, 1974, the date the House Judiciary Committee approved the first of three articles of impeachment, the televised Watergate hearings mesmerized a nation.

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Watergate 1973
8:30 VXtreme

Chairman Sam Ervin
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Sen. Howard Baker
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Special Counsel Dash questions Alexander Butterfield
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John Dean
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H.R. Haldeman
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E. Howard Hunt
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James McCord
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Sen. Lowell Weicker
1.2MB QuickTime

The House Judiciary Committee
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