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Sanchez Holds Insurmountable Lead Over Dornan


LOS ANGELES (AllPolitics, Nov. 21) -- Democrat Loretta Sanchez holds an insurmountable lead over Republican Rep. Bob Dornan in her bid to take the nine-term congressman's House seat, according to the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

Sanchez is ahead of her fiery conservative opponent by a 665-vote margin, with only about 1,300 provisional ballots that apply to the 46th district race left to count. Orange County Registrar of Voters Rosalyn Lever said today that Dornan would have to win 983 of those votes, or 75.6 percent, to win. Lever expects the remaining provisionals to be tallied by Friday.

The Dornan-Sanchez race has been too close to call since election night, but Sanchez declared victory last week when the remaining ballots seemed to be swinging her way. She has since been in Washington, D.C., where she attended the House's new member orientation and is assembling her staff.


A spokesman for Dornan, Richard Diamond, said the candidate would wait for Friday's updated results before commenting, but added: "The congressman is not expecting them to go his way. A lot of the provisional ballots are the result of the motor-voter law and the laxness in the California registration and voting process. So it won't be a surprise to the congressman."

Dornan has alleged that if he loses, voter fraud cost him a 10th term. He charges that non-citizens voted and that ballot boxes were not securely transported. His campaign says that evidence to back up these claims has been sent to state officials.

Sanchez has called the accusations anti-Hispanic and insulting to "the will of the people" in the district.

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