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MI 08: Stabenow Defeats Incumbent Chrysler


(AllPolitics, Nov. 6) -- In Michigan's 8th District, Democrat Debbie Stabenow defeated Republican freshman Rep. Dick Chrysler in one of the nation's most expensive House races.

With 67 percent of precincts reporting, CNN declared Stabenow the winner with 53 percent of the vote compared to Chrysler's 46 percent.

Stabenow, a former state senator, attacked Chrysler's ardent support for the GOP's Contract with America. The AFL-CIO helped her cause with television ads about his labor-related votes, including cuts in funding for such agencies as the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

For his part, Chrysler denounced labor's involvement in the race, and stuck with Republican bread-and-butter issues such as tax cuts and a balanced budget.

Chrysler reported contributions in excess of $818,000 as of June 30. Stabenow reported sligtly more than $771,000 for the same period.

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