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Mrs. Dole's Nickname Off Limits To All But Childhood Friends

[Elizabeth Dole]

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 8) -- As Americans learn more about Elizabeth Dole, the wife of the presumptive GOP nominee Sen. Robert Dole, they might be tempted to refer to her by her well-known nickname, "Liddy."

Don't, though, unless you're a childhood friend. Mrs. Dole has made it clear talking with reporters, that only people she knew from her childhood at Salisbury, N.C. can get away with calling her that. Even Sen. Dole calls his wife Elizabeth, not Liddy.

How did she get the nickname? Her mother says Mrs. Dole gave it to herself as a child. "She would say, 'Liddy want this' or 'Liddy wants that,'" Mary Hanford says. "We picked it up. Even when she started school, they called her Liddy."

Earlier this year, when CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl used the nickname while interviewing Mrs. Dole and got the cold shoulder because of it.

Tomorrow, as the Doles wrap up a Florida vacation, they will make a stop in

Salisbury, N.C.

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