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How Did We Get Here?

Big events in the '96 political calendar


November 8 Election Day. GOP wins control of House, Senate
November 28 Dan Quayle hospitalized with blood clot in lung
December 9 Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders is fired


January 2 Dan Quayle hospitalized with appendicitis
January 3 Dick Cheney says he will not run for president.
January 4 New GOP Congress convenes. Day one of first 75 days.
January 30 Jack Kemp says he will not run for president
February 9 Dan Quayle announces he will not run for president
February 13 Newt Gingrich says he will not run for president
February 24 Phil Gramm announces he is running for president (#1)
February 27 Mass. Gov. William Weld says he will not run for president
February 28 Lamar Alexander announces his candidacy for president (#2)
March 20 Pat Buchanan announces his candidacy for president (#3)
March 26 Alan Keyes announces his candidacy for president (#4)
March 30 Arlen Specter announces his candidacy for president (#5)
April 10 Robert Dole announces his candidacy for president (#6)
April 13 End of GOP Congress' "First 75 Days"
Robert Dornan announces his candidacy for president (#7)
April 19 Dick Lugar announces his candidacy for president (#8)
Oklahoma City bombing
June 11 Clinton, Gingrich "debate" in New Hampshire
June 15 Pete Wilson announces his candidacy for president (#9)
June 17 Morry Taylor announces his candidacy for President (#10)
August 19 Iowa Straw Poll: Dole, Gramm TIE
August 28 Pete Wilson "officially" begins his presidential campaign with speech in front of Statue of Liberty
September 15 Colin Powell's book published.
September 22 Steve Forbes announces his candidacy for president. (#11)
September 25 Ross Perot announces plan to form Independence/Reform Party
September 29 Pete Wilson ends his presidential campaign
November 8 Colin Powell announces he will not run for president
November 14 Partial government shutdown #1 begins
November 18 Presidency III straw poll in Florida. Dole 33%; Gramm 26%; Alexander 23%
November 19 Budget compromise reached, shutdown #1 ends
November 21 Dayton Accords (Bosnia peace treaty) initialed in Ohio
November 22 Arlen Specter ends his presidential campaign
November 27 Newt Gingrich announces he will not run for president
December 8 Hillary Rodham Clinton visits New Hampshire to file the president's papers for the N.H. Primary.
December 16 Partial government shutdown #2 begins at midnight


January 2 "Enough is Enough." Dole leads Senate vote to send federal employees back to work.
January 5 Congress agrees to send federal workers back to work -- but not fundall agencies. (Day 21 of partial shutdown #2)
January 6 Six GOP presidential candidates (minus Dole, Forbes, Dornan) debate in Columbia, South Carolina
January 13 Des Moines Register GOP Candidate Forum (in Johnston, Iowa.) Dole doesn't get mad/Alexander nails Forbes for "nutty" tax plan.
January 17 Kemp Commission releases tax reform proposals
January 23 State of the Union: Clinton looks good/Dems cheer/GOPers just sit there GOP response: Dole looks uncomfortable
January 26 Hillary Clinton goes before DC grand jury.
January 28 Alaska Straw Poll results: Buchanan 33%; Forbes 31%; Dole 17%
February 5 Clinton subpoenaed to testify in Jim/Susan McDougal trial.
February 6 Louisiana GOP Caucuses: SURPRISE! Buchanan 13 Delegates, Gramm 8
Feb. 6th

February 9 Forbes (in Iowa) complains of telephone smear campaign.
February 12 Iowa Caucuses: DOLE 26%; Buchanan 23%; Alexander 18%; Forbes 10% Gramm 9%; Keyes 7%; Lugar 4%; Taylor 1%; Dornan 0%
(Oh yeah, Clinton wins DEM caucus)
February 13 Anyone seen Phil Gramm? He cancels N.H. campaigning, goes to DC.
Steve Forbes retreats to N.J. to retool campaign.
February 14 Phil Gramm drops out of presidential race
Forbes resumes (POSITIVE!) N.H. campaign
February 15 CNN/WMUR GOP candidate debate
February 18 Phil Gramm endorses Bob Dole
February 19 Arlen Specter endorses Bob Dole
February 20 New Hampshire Primary: Buchanan 27.6%; Dole 26.6%; Alexander 22.9%; Forbes 12.4%; Lugar 5.3%; Keyes 2.7%; Taylor 1.4%; Gramm .4%; Dornan .3%
(Oh yeah, Clinton wins ... etc)
February 21 Dole's new message: GOP race now a "fight for the heart and soul of Republican Party"
February 22 "Lamar -- Welcome to Crossfire!" Arizona Debate (minus Dole) in Tempe.
February 24 Delaware Primary: Forbes 33%; Dole 27%; Buchanan 19%; Lamar! 13%
(Oh yeah, Clinton wins ... etc)
February 25 Dole shakes-up campaign staff
February 27 AZDAK Primaries:
Arizona Primary: Forbes 33%; Dole 30%; (OOPS! CNN/ABC/VNS predict he'll finish 3rd) Buchanan 28%; Lamar! 7%; Keyes 1%; Lugar 1%; North Dakota Primary: Dole 42%; Forbes 20%; Buchanan 18%; Gramm (remember him?) 9%; Lamar! 6%; Keyes 3%; Lugar 1% South Dakota Primary: Dole 45%; Buchanan 29%; Forbes 13%; Lamar! 9%; Keyes 3%; Uncom. 1%
February 29 Dole, Forbes, Buchanan, Alexander debate in Columbia, S.C.
March 2 South Carolina Primary: Dole 45%; Buchanan 29%; Forbes 13%; Lamar! 10%; Keyes 2% Wyoming Caucus: Dole, "Uncommitted" split 11 delegates: Dole 5/Uncom. 6
Mar. 2nd

March 3 Forbes, Alexander, Buchanan debate in Atlanta; Keyes protests outside Puerto Rico Primary Dole 97% (Gramm was second, then Lamar!)
March 5 JUNIOR TUESDAY: Dole on a ROLL!
Colorado Primary: Dole 44%; Buchanan 22%; Forbes 21%; Lamar! 10%; Lugar 4%; Keyes 1%
Connecticut Primary: Dole 54%; Forbes 20%; Buchanan 15%; Lamar! 5% Keyes 2%; Lugar 1%
Georgia Primary: Dole 41%; Buchanan 29%; Lamar! 14%; Forbes 13%; Keyes 3%
Maine Primary: Dole 46%; Buchanan 25%; Forbes 15%; Alexander 7%; Lugar 3%; Keyes 2%
Maryland Primary: Dole 53%; Buchanan 21%; Forbes 13%; Lamar! 5%; Keyes 5%; Lugar 1%
Massachusetts Primary: Dole 48%; Buchanan 25%; Forbes 14%; Lamar! 8%; Keyes 2%; Lugar 2%
Minnesota Caucus: (STRAW POLL!) Dole 41%; Buchanan 33%; Forbes 10% Keyes 9%; Lamar! 4%; Lugar 1%
Rhode Island Primary: Dole 67%; Lamar! 20%; Uncommitted 9%; Lugar 3% Taylor 1%
Primary: Dole 40%; Buchanan 17%; Forbes 16%; Lugar 14%; Lamar! 11%
Washington Caucus: Dole beats Buchanan
March 6 Bye Bye Lamar! (He quits race; endorses Dole)
Bye Bye Dick Lugar (He quits race; endorses Dole)
Texas Gov. George W. Bush endorses Bob Dole
Jack Kemp endorses Forbes
Mar. 6th

March 7 New York Primary: Dole 55%; Forbes 30%; Buchanan 15% Dole wins ALL the delegates
March 8 No More Morry (Taylor quits race; endorses Dole) Dallas, Texas Debate: Forbes, Buchanan, Keyes BUT NO DOLE
March 9 Missouri Caucus: Buchanan 36%; Dole 29%; Uncommitted 25%; Keyes 9% March 12 SUPER TUESDAY! (Can you say superSWEEP?!?)
Florida Primary: Dole 57%; Forbes 20%; Buchanan 18%; Keyes 2%; Lamar! 2%
Louisiana Primary: Dole 48%; Buchanan 33%; Forbes 13; Keyes 3%; Lamar! 2%
Mississippi Primary: Dole 60%; Buchanan 26%; Forbes 8%; Keyes 2% Lamar! 2%; Dornan 1%
Oklahoma Primary: Dole 59%; Buchanan 22%; Forbes 14%; Keyes 2% Lamar! 1%
Oregon Primary: Dole 50%; Buchanan 21%; Forbes 13%; Lamar! 7%; Keyes 3%; Lugar 1%
Tennessee Primary: Dole 51%; Buchanan 25%; Lamar! 11%; Forbes 8% Keyes 3%
Texas Primary: Dole 56%; Buchanan 21%; Forbes 13%; Keyes 4%; Gramm 2% Uncomm. 2%; Lamar! 2%
Bill Clinton wins enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination. (And he isn't even officially running!)
March 14 Steve Forbes quits race; endorses Dole
March 19 Perot tells San Antonio's WOAI Radio if nominated by the Reform Party, "I would give it everything I have."
BIG TEN TUESDAY PRIMARIES: (CNN projects Dole goes over top in delegates)
Illinois: Dole 65%; Buchanan 23%; Forbes 5%; Keyes 4%; Lamar! 2% Lugar 1%; Gramm 1%
Michigan: Dole 51%; Buchanan 34%; Forbes 5%; Keyes 3%; Lamar! 1%
Ohio: Dole 66%; Buchanan 22%; Forbes 6%; Keyes 3%; Lamar! 2%
Wisconsin: Dole 53%; Buchanan 34%; Forbes 6%; Keyes 3%; Lamar! 2% Lugar 1%
March 26 Dole says "I am the Republican nominee for 1996!"
California Primary: Dole 66%; Buchanan 18%; Forbes 7%; Keyes 4%; Lamar! 2%; Dornan 1%
Nevada Primary: Dole 52%; Forbes 19%; Buchanan 15%; Uncommitted 9%; Lamar! 2%; Keyes 1%; Gramm 1%
Washington Primary: Dole 63%; Buchanan 21%; Forbes 9%; Keyes 5%
March 27 Gov. Christine Whitman says she's told Dole not to consider her for Vice President
March 29 Colin Powell has "nice chat" with Bob Dole
April 3 Commerce Secretary Ron Brown killed in Croatian plane crash
April 10 Clinton vetoes "Partial Birth Abortion" bill
April 11 CNN reports Lowell Weicker WON'T run for president
April 23 Pennsylvania Primary: Dole 63%; Buchanan 18%; Forbes 8%; Keyes 6%; Lugar 5%
April 24 AT LAST! White House, Congressional negotiators make a BUDGET DEAL!
April 26 Clinton signs budget bill
April 28 Clinton tapes Whitewater trial testimony
May 1 Pat Buchanan (remember him?) CAMPAIGNS in Indiana
May 7 Indiana Primary: Dole 71%; Buchanan 19%; Forbes 10%
North Carolina Primary: Dole 71%; Buchanan 13%; Keyes 4%; Forbes 4%
D.C. Primary: Dole 76%; Uncomm 13%; Buchanan 10%
May 8 Appeals court REFUSES to delay Paula Jones sexual harassment suit against President Clinton
May 9 Clinton videotaped testimony played at Whitewater trial
May 9th

May 14 Nebraska Primary: Dole 75%; Buchanan 10%; Forbes 6%; Keyes 3%;
West Virginia Primary: Dole 69%; Buchanan 16%; Forbes 5%; Keyes 4%
May 15 Dole announces he will RESIGN from the Senate to devote his "full attention" to the presidential campaign
Clinton asks Supreme Court to delay Paula Jones Case

May 15th

May 21 Arkansas Primary: Dole 76%; Buchanan 23%
May 22 Dole, Steve Forbes meet to talk taxes
May 23 Dole, speaking to Catholic journalists, assails Clinton veto of late-term abortions
Clinton meets with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Wisconsin; at press rights & abortion
May 28 Whitewater verdicts: James & Susan McDougal; Jim Guy Tucker convicted on most counts
June 2 Perot, Richard Lamm speak at Reform Party convention in Calif. Lamm says he might accept the party's presidential nomination.
June 4 The FINAL FOUR!
Alabama Primary: Dole 76%; Buchanan 16%; Uncommit 5%; Keyes 3%
Montana Primary: Dole 61%; Buchanan 24%; Forbes 7% No Pref 7%
New Mexico Prim. Dole 76%; Buchanan 8%; Forbes 6%; Lamar! 4%; Keyes 3%
New Jersey Prim. Dole 82%; Buchanan 11%; Keyes 7%
June 9 Leon Panetta apologizes for acquisition of FBI background files 200 gays protest near Clinton fund-raiser at Sen. Feinstein's home in San Francisco
June 11 MISTER Dole leaves the Senate
Senate Whitewater hearings wrap up -- without David Hale (immunity effort blocked 10-8)
Jun. 11th

June 12 Clinton apologizes for collection of FBI files; says he "would never condone or tolerate any kind of enemies list."
June 13 FEC says Perot qualifies for up to $30 million in matching funds; delays decision on whether any other Reform Party nominee is eligible
June 14 FBI tightens control over background files; says 408 obtained by White House
White House announces changes in procedure for handling FBI files
Campaigning in Kentucky, Dole says tobacco may not be addictive
June 18 Final Senate Whitewater Committee reports released (Guess what? The Dems and GOP see it differently)
June 19 Whitewater prosecutors say Clinton aide Bruce Lindsey conspired to conceal $30,000 bank withdrawal during 1990 campaign
Clinton, 7 Governors meet re: church fires
June 20 Reform party announces two-part convention: Aug. 11 in Long Beach, Aug. 18 in Valley Forge, Pa. White House says Clinton will support Constitutional Amendment on crime victims' rights
June 21 Dole, Rep. Henry Hyde meet to talk about GOP platform & abortion
June 23 Congressional Democrats unveil "Families First" agenda
June 24 Supreme Court agrees to hear (AFTER election day) the case over delaying Paula Jones' lawsuit against President Clinton
June 25 Truck bomb at base in in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, kills 19 Americans Senate defeats campaign finance reform
June 26 Craig Livingstone resigns from White House job; gets lambasted at Congressional hearing for mishandling FBI files
June 27 G-7 summit begins in Lyon, France; Clinton calls for international campaign against crime & terrorism
July 2 Dole, on NBC's Today Show, is asked if C. Everett Koop had been brainwashed by the media (about smoking); he replies "probably a little bit."
July 3 Dole visits Ronald Reagan (Still photos ONLY!)
July 6 Libertarian Party nominates Harry Browne for President
July 7 President Clinton tapes testimony for 2nd Whitewater-related trial
July 9 Former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm announces he will seek Reform Party presidential nomination
In Richmond, Va. speech, Dole retreats from earlier pledge to repeal the 1994 ban on certain assault weapons.
Jul. 9th

July 10 Ross Perot (on CNN's Larry King Live) says he is "uniquely qualified" to lead the Reform Party ticket and WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT if nominated
Clinton speaks at NAACP convention in Charlotte, NC. (Dole declined invitation to speak)
July 16 Dole has lunch with eight former GOP rivals (Pat Buchanan doesn't go)
July 17 Anonymous no more: Joe Klein admits he wrote "Primary Colors."
July 18 Clinton taped testimony played at Whitewater-related trial in Arkansas; (He says he DIDN'T promise state jobs for contributions.)
July 20 Perot, Lamm go to Reform Party conventions in Virginia, Maine
July 21 Dole releases his medical records
July 22 Bob Dole turns 73. His "birthday tour" begins at DC nursing home; he also visits Michigan; ends in Russell, Kansas

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