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  • Dole-Kemp: "From The Heart" (1.3M QuickTime Movie) - October 18
    Elizabeth Dole's second ad for her husband, again emphasizes his character and his tax cut.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Riady 2" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 18
    Dole says his word is his bond, and in this spot his campaign asks the voters if they believe the same is true for Clinton.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Seconds" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 17
    In response to Dole's recent attack on the president's character, "Seconds" offers voters a positive testimonial from former Reagan press secretary James Brady.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Sorry-Taxes" (1M QuickTime Movie) - October 8
    The Dole campaign revives both its anti-tax theme and the catch-phrase "tax and spend liberal" in "Sorry-Taxes".

  • Clinton-Gore: "Responsibility" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 7
    In this spot, Clinton celebrates welfare reform and sets the agenda for the next stop on the road from welfare to work.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Preserve" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 4
    "Preserve" features seemingly contradictory statements from Dole on his plans for cutting Medicare and education.

  • Clinton-Gore: "I'm voting" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 4
    The Clinton campaign targets African-American voters with "I'm Voting". The spots asks the question, "Who are you voting for?" The answer -- whether its for your kids, your mother or yourself -- cast your ballot for Clinton-Gore.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Elizabeth" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 4
    Elizabeth Dole makes her debut as a solo pitch-woman in this ad. Reviving the themes of her convention speech, Mrs. Dole expounds the virtues of her husband's character and tax plan.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Image" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 3
    "Image" targets those all important "soccer moms" by stressing Clinton's stand on curfews, school uniforms and teen smoking.

  • Dole-Kemp: "How To Speak Liberal" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - October 3
    Seeking more breathing room at the center, the Dole campaign gives the Clinton campaign a shove back to the left with "How To Speak Liberal."

  • Perot-Choate: "NAFTA Debate" (1.1M QuickTime Movie) - September 30
    Still seeking to be included in the debates, Perot takes his fight back to the airwaves. In "NAFTA Debate " his campaign escalates the battle by linking his exclusion from the debates to his opposition to the NAFTA.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Truth on Spending" (1M QuickTime Movie) - September 25
    A massive health care bureaucracy, alpine slides in Puerto Rico and midnight basketball. Has Bob Dole found a winning issue painting Clinton as a closet liberal?

  • Perot-Choate: "Commission" (1M QuickTime movie)
    "What Are They Afraid Of?" (893K QuickTime movie)
    "Where's Ross?" (918K QuickTime movie) - September 22
    Included in '92, excluded in '96. The Perot campaign attacks the decision of the Commission on Presidential Debates in all three of these ads.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Wrong in the Past" (1M QuickTime Movie) - September 21
    The Clinton campaign takes you on a trip back in time to look at Bob Dole's Congressional career through Democratic-colored glasses.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Too Late" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 21
    Did he or didn't he inhale? Would he do it over again? Is he really sorry? The Dole-Kemp ad says it's all too little, too late.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Dole's Real Record" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 20
    The latest installment of the dueling drugs ads, "Dole's Real Record" criticizes the former Senator's new drug slogan, "Just Don't Do It" as well as his anti-drug voting record.

  • Dole-Kemp: "School" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 19
    This ad buy, the largest of the Dole campaign to date, features 1992 MTV footage of the president joking with teenagers that, were he to try marijuana again, he'd inhale.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Sad" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 17
    What is sad? According to this ad, Bob Dole's negative and irrational attacks on Clinton's anti-crime record.

  • Dole-Kemp: "The Stakes" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 12
    "The Stakes" focuses on Dole's economic plan. This ad is replacing "The Plan" and will run in Il, MI, CA, OH, PA, NJ, KY, TN, GA, NH, LA, DE, CO, FL, LA, NM and CT.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Opportunities" (1.2M QuickTime movie) -- September 10
    "Opportunities" also focuses on the economy and its turn around since 1992. The message -- if you like where you are today better than where you were four years ago -- vote Clinton-Gore.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Parents" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 10
    This testimonial spotlights two parents who took advantage of the Clinton-signed Family and Medical Leave Law.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Look" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 9
    This ad promotes the Clinton economic record and questions the viability of Dole's new economic plan.

  • Clinton-Gore: "Running" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 6
    Similar to "Look", "Running" highlights Clinton's economic record, and accuses Dole of running from his record in Washington and his compatriot Newt Gingrich.

  • Dole-Kemp: "The Plan II" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- September 4
    Wasteful Washington spending, the balanced budget and the largest tax increase in history are already familiar campaign themes for Bob Dole. Now, "the better man for a better America" hopes that's starting to sounds familiar too.

  • Dole-Kemp: "Portrait of a Man" (825 ViVo movie-trt: 4:20) -- September 3
    This lengthy biography of Bob Dole's early life introduces viewers to the poor, hardworking Kansan who became a war hero. Listen for that bridge to the past but don't expect to hear a word about all those years in Washington.

  • Clinton-Gore: "The King" (1.2M QuickTime movie) -- August 28
    A direct response to the Dole-Kemp Ad "Threat", this ad defends Clinton's record on drugs.

  • Dole - Kemp: "Threat" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- August 26
    On the eve of the Democratic National Convention the Republican nominees go on the attack by comparing the problem of teen drug abuse with the cold war threat of nuclear destruction.

  • Dole - Kemp: "Do Better" (1.1M QuickTime movie) -- August 20
    Using the first of its post-convention money the Dole-Kemp ticket seeks to continue its bounce with the slogan "a better man for better America."

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