Palestinians have been living in makeshift tents in Rafah, as an IDF ground campaign nears Gaza's southernmost city.
CNN  — 

Displaced Palestinians crowded into tents in Rafah are waiting with dread for an anticipated Israeli ground assault on the city – with nowhere left to flee once troops move in.

One million people are estimated to be crammed into a tent city in the southern Gaza location, with satellite images showing that the makeshift shelter is rapidly expanding.

Others are packed into houses in the city, where rocket attacks are already commonplace.

“We hear (drones) very, very loud, and we hear the sounds of bombing at night,” Kareem Dahman, a displaced Palestinian in the city, told CNN. The most recent bombing was “very close” to where Dahman lives, with more than a dozen family members in a single room of a friend’s house, he said.

He said conditions in Rafah are “very difficult,” describing a “large number of people, chaos, and high prices.”