Jamie Foxx at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Day Shift' in 2022.
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Jamie Foxx on Friday spoke out for the first time since he was hospitalized in April in a video shared to his Instagram page, and support from many of the Oscar-winner’s famous friends poured in.

Glenn Close, who stars alongside Foxx in the upcoming film “Back in Action,” reminisced about the last time she saw him in a comment on his post, writing it was “a sunny day when you were laughing, throwing a football, graciously letting some extras take selfies with you.”

She added she observed Foxx “giving your heart, soul and joy completely in the moment. Thank God you are back! Thank God your family gave you the love and protection you needed to heal. Giving thanks and sending love.”

Foxx was initially hospitalized in Atlanta in April while he was in town filming “Back in Action,” but the undisclosed “medical complication” did not take place while he was on set.

Close’s sentiment of support and gratitude for Foxx’s video update echoed throughout the comments section with messages of support from his followers to his celebrity friends alike.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for,” Queen Latifah wrote, adding “For you to be able to speak these words for yourself! We love you, Jamie you are the best kind of person and always have been. We love you in this household.”

Will Smith, who starred alongside Foxx in the 2001 film “Ali,” poked at the actor getting visibly emotional in his video, joking, “Awww Man!! Who’s cuttin’ onions??”

Smith went on to send his “love” to Foxx and say “Your Light Is Needed ‘n Appreciated Right Now.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a bit more to the point, writing out his plan to “bear hug the f–k outta” Foxx the next time they see each other, while Kevin Hart said his video “just warmed my soul” and he’s glad to see Foxx in “good spirits.”

Dozens more celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Michael B. Jordan, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and Justin Timberlake, to name a few, also commented with well-wishes for Foxx.

Foxx has been spotted in Chicago in recent weeks, where he underwent medical treatment at a facility specializing in rehabilitation care for patients with physical impairments, brain or spine injuries.

Details of what led to Foxx’s hospitalization remain undisclosed, but in his video on Friday the “Ray” star set the record straight over rumors on social media.

“As you can see, the eyes are working, the eyes are working just fine. I’m not paralyzed, but I went to hell and back, and my road to recovery had some potholes as well. But I’m coming back and I’m able to work,” he said.

Foxx also thanked his family for their unwavering support, and told his followers “I love everybody and I love all of the love that I got.”

“If you see me out from now on and every once in a while I just burst into tears, it’s just because it’s been tough, man. I was sick, man. But now I got my legs under me, so you’re gonna see me out,” he concluded.

CNN’s Chloe Melas contributed to this report.