Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, in September 2022.
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Rudy Giuliani is negotiating a possible resolution in his ongoing court dispute with former Georgia election workers Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and Ruby Freeman, after they accused him of defaming them following the 2020 election and already won nearly $90,000 from him for attorneys’ fees.

The lawsuit from Moss and her mother, Freeman, presents a significant risk to Giuliani financially. It also comes at a time when the former New York mayor and Manhattan prosecutor is attempting to fend off two disbarment proceedings, as well as interest from special counsel Jack Smith’s office, which is criminally investigating Donald Trump’s response to the 2020 vote, of which Giuliani was a central player.

In a court filing late Friday, Moss and Freeman’s legal team disclosed that Giuliani’s lawyer approached them on Thursday “to discuss a potential negotiated resolution of issues that would resolve large portions of this litigation and otherwise give rise to Plaintiffs’ anticipated request for sanctions.”

“Counsel for both parties have worked diligently to negotiate a resolution and believe they are close,” Moss and Freeman’s lawyer wrote.

The negotiation is over “certain factual issues regarding Defendant Giuliani’s liability,” the court filing also said.

Another update on the negotiations is expected in court on Tuesday.

Previously, Giuliani was ordered to pay $89,172 to Freeman and Moss’ lawyers by July 7 after they had had to go to court to force him to respond to part of their demands for evidence in the case.

Moss and Freeman accuse Giuliani of scapegoating them in a fabricated effort to undermine how votes were counted in Georgia in 2020.

They seek an unspecified amount in damages, saying Giuliani’s public false statements about them in 2020 caused severe emotional distress and put them in danger.