Cillian Murphy in Season 4 of "Peaky Blinders."
CNN  — 

The Twitter account for the Netflix series “Peaky Blinders” posted a message on Wednesday strongly disapproving of the use of footage of star Cillian Murphy as lead character Thomas Shelby in a Ron DeSantis video targeting the LGBTQ+ community, from the account @Proudelephantus. The video was retweeted by @DeSantisWarRoom, which is a campaign Twitter account for DeSantis’ presidential bid.

Other actors seen in the clip included Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street” and Brad Pitt in “Troy,” intercut with footage of DeSantis and newsclips pertaining to both his and Donald Trump’s LGBTQ+-related policies.

“We confirm the footage of Tommy Shelby’s character used within the video posted by Ron Desantis (sic) campaign was obtained without permission or official licence (sic),” the tweet from the “Peaky Blinders” production said.

“We do not support nor endorse the video’s narrative and strongly disapprove of the use of the content in this manner.”

CNN has reached out to the “Blinders” production as well as representatives for DeSantis for comment.