Rep. Angie Craig arrives during a visit by President Joe Biden to the Cummins Power Generation facility on April 3, 2023, in Fridley, Minnesota.
Washington CNN  — 

The man who attacked US Rep. Angie Craig in her Washington, DC, apartment earlier this year pleaded guilty Thursday to assaulting the Minnesota Democrat and two metro police officers who attempted to arrest him after the incident.

Kendrid Hamlin, who has a lengthy criminal history in DC, plead guilty in federal court to each of the three counts he faced, including assaulting a member of Congress and two counts of assaulting law enforcement.

A sentencing hearing for Hamlin is set for September. He faces up to 10 years in prison for the assault on Craig and up to six months in prison for each of the police assaults.

According to his attorney, Hamlin suffers from mental illness and homelessness.

Craig’s office declined CNN’s request for comment.

On the morning of February 9, Craig noticed Hamlin walking around inside the lobby of her apartment building, according to court documents. After Craig entered an elevator, swiped her building access card and selected a floor, Hamlin stopped the elevator from closing by sticking his hand through the door, court documents said.

Hamlin told Craig he needed to come to her apartment to use the restroom and, after Craig told him no, Hamlin “stood in front of the elevator door, blocking the Representative from exiting the elevator, and hit buttons on the keypad.”

When Craig tried to move past him, Hamlin punched the congresswoman in her face and held her from reaching the elevator keypad, court documents said, grabbing her collarbone.

Craig threw a cup of hot coffee she was carrying at Hamlin, according to court documents. Hamlin then let go of the congresswoman, who was able to leave the elevator when the doors opened and yell for help, court documents said.

Prosecutors said in court documents that when officers attempted to arrest Hamlin the day of the attack, he “fought the officers – including kicking one officer and biting a detective.”

Several party leaders spoke out against the attack earlier this year, including House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries, who said at the time that he asked the House sergeant at arms and the US Capitol Police to ensure Craig’s safety in DC and in Minnesota.