Justin Theroux at the CBS News White House Correspondents' Dinner After Party in Washington DC over the weekend.
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Justin Theroux has learned a thing or two about navigating the corners of the internet and the celebrity gossip that often thrives there.

Having formerly been in a high-profile, years-long relationship with “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston, the fact that Theroux became internet fodder is a surprise to nobody – including himself.

In a new interview with Esquire published on Monday, the “White House Plumbers” star was asked about his philosophy on dealing with the constant online barrage of tabloid stories and social media theories about his relationship.

“I want all of my relationships to exist within the four walls of whatever room we’re in,” Theroux told the outlet, now that he’s on the other side of his 2018 divorce from Aniston.

“I’m not trying to be evasive,” he added, “but I talk to Jen – I don’t talk about Jen.”

Theroux also said that “having been in a public relationship, it’s much more fun not being in a public relationship.” He reflected that when he’d say “anything, even if it was something loving, it would just turn into a thing. So it’s a classic no-comment situation for me.”

Theroux and Aniston wed in 2015 after they first met on the set of the 2011 set of “Wanderlust,” a film in which they both starred.

In 2018, they released a joint statement announcing their divorce – something they said that they had planned to keep private but “given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent,” they chose to release a statement to “convey the truth directly.”

It’s no wonder why Theroux keeps the internet at arm’s length.

“The Internet is like this really big high school,” Theroux said on Monday about engaging with the world wide web. “Why on earth would you walk around it checking every room and broom closet for the bully to kick your a**?”

To that end, he says, “I don’t linger.”