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In the evolution of cleaning, smart appliance company Tineco has taken a giant leap forward with an incredible tool in the home cleaning arsenal: the floor washer. Never struggle through a multi-step floor cleaning process again, because traditional vacuuming and mopping are no longer needed. Say goodbye to that bucket of dirty water and those awkward disposable pads, because Tineco has created smart floor washers that leave floors sparkling and dry in minutes.

What is a ‘floor washer’?

It’s not a mop, and it’s not exactly a wet/dry vacuum. Tineco’s floor washers are a cleaning innovation that can do it all. The FLOOR ONE series, including the FLOOR ONE S5 and FLOOR ONE S3 models are smart machines that leave floors sparkling clean in half the time it would take to vacuum and mop separately.

These 3-in-1 cleaning machines feature a dual tank system to keep fresh water separate as they vacuum and mop simultaneously. Plus, once chores are done, they self-clean at the press of a button. Equipped to tackle everything from milk and cereal spills to tracked-in dirt from the outdoors, a Tineco floor washer is the must-have cleaning device you’ll never want to live without!

Which floor washer is right for your lifestyle? Read on to compare models.

If you’re dealing with messes from pets and kids

Bring out the big guns: the top tech-enabled model!

Buy the FLOOR ONE S5 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum because it features enhanced edge cleaning so you can get along baseboards and into tough-to-reach corners. The FLOOR ONE S5 really cuts cleaning time in half! Tineco’s smartest, most advanced wet/dry floor cleaner combines mopping and vacuuming in one smart step. It features iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology, which automatically adjusts suction, water flow and brush roller speed based on each mess. And the light will change from red to blue when your floors are clean. But maybe more importantly, this top model has the largest-capacity tank which allows for up to 35 minutes of run time — perfect for cleaning large areas.

If you’re on the go and need an efficient way to clean

This one is great for everyday use and daily messes.

Buy the FLOOR ONE S3 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum because busy parents, married folks and singletons love its convenience-focused design and advanced cleaning technology. It detects, washes and vacuums floors using the intelligent iLoop feature, leaving floors dry and streak-free in minutes, saving precious time. The S3 also boasts a self-cleaning cycle, LED display and two-tank system to separate dirty and clean water.

If you’re ready to upgrade your basic floor cleaning routine

You’re just looking for a great way to keep your space clean.

Buy the iFloor 3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum because it’s a functional model that really packs a punch. Impress friends and family with your sparkling-clean home! This 2-in-1 machine works to vacuum and mop floors fast; it only takes minutes to achieve a streak-free, dry, clean floor. This lightweight, cordless floor washer gets into every corner for a thorough wash. Plus, the device can also tackle tougher stuck-on messes with its MAX mode. And it features a digital display and two-tank design that continuously dispenses clean water.

Are you ready to upgrade your cleaning capabilities? Check out all the info on Tineco’s revolutionary floor washers.