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March 31, 2023

Today CNN 10 is looking at big news on artificial intelligence. The technology enables machines to mimic human intelligence, but experts are voicing some serious concerns. CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan tried out AI software that mimics voices to see how powerful and dangerous the technology could be. Then a 38-foot-long skeleton of a giant T-Rex is going up for auction next month. It’s expected to go between 5 and 9 million dollars. All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.


1. What unusual material did scientists discover in a Leonardo da Vinci painting?

2. In what U.S. would you find the unique hotel tradition of the Peabody Duck March?

3. In Monday’s episode, we discussed what rare astronomical alignment that was visible in the night sky recently?

4. This week, a devastating EF- 4 tornado brought devastation, heartache, and loss to which U.S. state?

5. In what country have citizens been protesting over changes that would give parliament more control?

6. What musical artist earned a new world record for becoming the first in Spotify history to reach 100 million monthly listeners?

7. An open letter this week says that major leaders in tech, professors, and researchers are concerned about the rapid develop of what type of technology?

8. A technology called iFarmer hopes to further the lives of 17 million farming households in what country?

9. This month, the U.S. re-started joint military drills with which country?

10. As discussed in Friday’s episode, a 38-foot-long skeleton of what pre-historic dinosaur goes to auction next month?

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