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Pepsi gets a new logo
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Suddenly, your beverage is taller.

Beverage brands rely on packaging shape and design to draw in consumers. Now they’re counting on a new slew of skinny aluminum cans to subtly signal to consumers that their exotic new drinks are healthier than the beer and sodas in the short, round cans of old.

Topo Chico, Simply and SunnyD recently launched alcoholic seltzers and cocktails in tall, thin cans, while Day One, Celsius and Starbucks have debuted sparkling water and energy drinks in new slim cans. Coke with Coffee launched in a slim version last year, too.

As if describing a human, Ball, one of the largest producers of aluminum cans, highlights the “shorter, leaner physique” of its 12 oz. sleek cans compared with its classic (also 12 oz.) stouter version.

Drink manufacturers are aiming to distinguish their products on crowded shelves and save money on shipping and packaging with skinny cans, say analysts and drink makers.