Police say a student has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing people at a high school on Canada's Atlantic coast.
Ottawa CNN  — 

Police in Halifax, Nova Scotia said three people were stabbed in an incident at a high school Monday morning.

In a statement, Halifax Regional Police said three people were injured and all were taken to a hospital for treatment. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Officers took one person, a youth who is a student at the school, into custody at approximately 9:31 a.m.

“We can confirm that of the three people who were taken to the hospital with stab wounds, one was the suspect,” police wrote. “We can also confirm that the three individuals were members of the school.”

The school was been closed for the remainder of the day.

The incident comes nearly three years after a mass shooting that killed 22 people, unfolding over the course of 12 hours between April 18 and 19.

Of the 22 people killed, 13 were shot and nine died in house fires, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.