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Like many other American cities before it, Newport News, Virginia, is this month dealing with the aftermath of a school shooting.

This time, however, the suspected shooter is just 6 years old, according to police, who said the child opened fire in a classroom at Richneck Elementary school, sending a wounded teacher to the hospital. The age of the suspected shooter has left a community and country reeling from the news that a first grader allegedly obtained a gun, brought it to school and shot his teacher.

Authorities have provided general information about the shooting. But there are numerous questions that remain unanswered – including how a 6-year-old could gain possession of a weapon and what the potential legal repercussions for the student or his parents might be.

The family of the boy has released a statement saying the gun had been secured and the child has an acute disability that meant one of his parents was usually in class with him.

Here’s a look at what we know – and don’t know – about the January 6 shooting.

Student was taken into police custody

Officials have released few details about the student publicly, aside from the fact he is 6.

He was taken into police custody immediately after the shooting, police Chief Steve Drew said in a news conference at the time, adding no other students were involved. The boy was under a temporary detention order and was being evaluated at a hospital, police said January 9.

The shooting was not accidental, Drew said previously, and he told reporters the teacher was “providing class instruction when the child displayed a firearm, pointed it at her and fired one round.”

“There was no physical struggle or fight,” he said.

Police received the call that a teacher had been shot at 1:59 p.m., Drew said. When officers entered the classroom five minutes later, the boy was being restrained by a school employee, police said. He was combative and struck the employee restraining him. Officers escorted him from the building and into a police car.

The gun – which was legally purchased by the 6-year-old’s mother – was taken by the child from his home, Drew said. The child brought it to school in his backpack. It is unclear how the child accessed the weapon.

Messages of support for teacher Abby Zwerner, who police say was shot by a 6- year-old student, are fixed to the front door of Richneck Elementary School.

Teacher was hospitalized for days

Officials identified the victim as Abigail Zwerner, a 25-year-old teacher who has been praised for her actions after being shot – including ensuring her students were safe.

“When I met with Abigail’s family on Saturday and they took me up to her room, she asked me, first question, ‘Do you know how my students are?’” Drew said. “She was worried about them.”