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You raise them from babies, you see them grow up happy and healthy in your home and the best moment of your day is when they leap into your arms when you come back from work. You’re always looking for the best care for these members of your family.

But when they get hurt or need a life-saving shot, what does your regular insurance agent do? They shrug and say, “I’m sorry, but our policy covers humans, not pets.”

At Lemonade Pet, the clients are never “just animals,” and the mission is to make sure that your loved ones have all the health coverage they need to stay happy and healthy — even if they happen not to be human.

We don’t need to tell you that keeping your pet happy and healthy isn’t cheap — inflation’s driven even pet food up, and then you have to factor in the increased prices for pretty much everything else, from toys to crates to collars. You wouldn’t be the first parent to wonder if pet insurance is a place to cut back on the budget.

But Lemonade doesn’t believe you should have to make a choice between feeding and insuring a loved one. Lemonade Pet’s policies are customizable, so you don’t need to spend needless extra cash on services you’ll never need. Paying for spaying coverage for your 15-year-old Australian shepherd rescue who spends more time in your bed than you do? No thanks! You get to keep the parts of the policies that help you keep vet bills down — without any extra padding on the bill.

What’s so good about pet insurance, anyway?

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With pet insurance, you don’t have to take a backseat when it comes to making decisions about your pet’s care. And you get to see exactly how much it’ll cost — no more waiting till after the most nerve-wracking night of your life in the vet’s waiting room only to be “rewarded” with a staggering invoice bright and early the next morning.

Let’s say your dog, Mowgli, needs knee surgery. (Poor Mowgli!) The procedure costs $6,000, all of which can be covered by pet insurance, so you file a claim for that amount with Lemonade Pet. You customized your policy to include 80% co-insurance and a $250 deductible. So you know going into the surgery that Lemonade will be sending you a reimbursement for $4,550 — no hidden costs, no shadow fees. All just math you can do in 10 seconds right there on the back of your doctor’s card.

But there’s more. Let’s say Mowgli, the unlucky rascal, needs to go back two months later because he swallowed something he wasn’t supposed to, like one of your AirPods. Taking it out will cost $1,500. But you already hit your deductible for the knee surgery, which means that it’s an even simpler calculation: Lemonade will cover 80% of the whole AirPod removal. You can expect a reimbursement from Lemonade for $1,200.

What about the fine print?

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No tricks, no take-backs. Here’s the deal:

  • Base coverage for cats and dogs starts at $10 per month and is available in 37 states and Washington, D.C. Lemonade offers up to 90% co-insurance and up to $100,000 annual limit.
  • Preventative Care includes routine wellness exams, blood tests, vaccines, access to Lemonade’s medical advice chat and more.
  • The Preventative+ plan includes all of the above, plus flea and tick or heartworm medication as well as routine dental cleaning.
  • You can visit any licensed vet in the US.
  • With the easy-to-use Lemonade app, you can file a claim in minutes. Some claims will be paid out in minutes too.
  • Lemonade’s looked at customers’ wish lists and now offers packages specifically for vet visit fees, physical therapy, dental illness, behavioral conditions and end-of-life and remembrance.
  • The company has also shortened the wait time for coverage to kick in: two days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses to six months for cruciate ligament events.
  • You can get reimbursements directly to your bank account for all approved claims.
  • If you have other Lemonade insurance policies, like home or renters, you can get a bundle discount.
  • Lemonade doesn’t try to confuse you with jargon or obtuse legalese. The brand wants you to understand your policy so you can maximize your — and your pet’s — benefits. You can cancel at any time right on the app.

Was there something about a charitable contribution?

Yep! Lemonade is a company of animal lovers for animal lovers. Every year, you can donate your unused premium to the charity of your choosing, including the Humane Society, SPCAI and Paws. In 2022 alone, Lemonade donated over $1.8 million to nonprofits and donated $128,000 to organizations supporting animal rights.

What do Lemonade customers have to say about it?

See for yourself! Customers rave about their experience with Lemonade.

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And the “stars” back that all up:

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Give Lemonade a try — and cancel anytime

No pressure: You can try it out and can cancel anytime. Lemonade’s confident you’ll like what you see. And the brand knows that peace of mind is something you want to extend to your whole family, not just the two-legged ones.