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January is a great time to reset habits and opt in to a healthier way of life. You may have an exercise regimen in mind for 2023, but what about food options? Switching from your usual grocery store to Thrive Market’s online service is an easy way to improve your diet with high-quality, healthy foods. Whether you’re attempting keto, you’re trying Whole30 or you just want to focus on eating organic, a Thrive Market membership is your ticket to a healthier new year and your ticket to saving an extra 30% off on your grocery bill.

Reasons why you should become a Thrive Market member

Membership Cost is low and you can enjoy perks

Membership comes out to just $5 per month, and perks include full-size gifts, members-only sales and up to 30% off retail prices on organic and sustainable products. Members can shop organic foods for less and have them shipped— there’s even an auto-ship option. Carbon-neutral, fast shipping makes a subscription just about the most convenient shopping option out there. If you can find the product for less, Thrive Market will match it with their cost savings guarantee!

Each product is carefully vetted

Thousands of high-quality products are available, and it bears repeating that they’re up to 30% off retail! All products are carefully vetted — Thrive Market wants to remain a trusted resource, so it only opts for the very best items.

The shopping experience is personalized just for you

Aside from the great variety, convenient shipping and low prices, Thrive Market offers shopping personalization. There are more than 90 eating preferences you can filter when choosing your groceries, creating a personalized experience that saves time and helps you find the best products. Think of it as your own personal online store! Thrive Market Guides are another membership perk; they’re on call to answer food or lifestyle questions.

Upgrade your lifestyle with a membership to Thrive Market and receive an extra 30% off your first order, plus a free $60 gift when you join. This is an easy and practical way to stick to that New Year’s resolution!

From pantry to planet, start 2023 right. 

Thrive Market helps members “do healthy your way” with options for whatever resolutions you might make this year. If you’re trying a lifestyle change, a planet-friendly diet or a new way of eating, there are thousands of products that are sorted with the click of a button on Thrive Market to help kick off 2023.

Top Sustainable products to stock up on

But what products does Thrive Market offer? Check out this sampling of Thrive Market’s top products:

Thrive Market Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

$32 $16 at Thrive Market

1. Thrive Market Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.png

Thrive Market’s organic extra-virgin olive oil is so good you’ll want to stock up — and you can, with this two-pack! Two 25.4-ounce bottles contain EVOO made from 100% certified organic Koroneiki olives and are bottled on an estate in western Crete.

Thrive Market Raw Cashews

$17 $13 at Thrive Market

2. Thrive Market Raw Cashews.png

This delicious, buttery snack has only one ingredient: organic raw cashews. And they’re ethically sourced from farmer co-ops in India.

Serenity Kids Organic Roots

$21 at Thrive Market

3. Serenity Kids Organic Roots.png

A healthy, convenient option, Serenity Kids Packs are gluten-free, plant-based baby food. Each pouch contains a savory blend of root veggies with zero added sugar.

Primal Kitchen Organic Avocado Mayo

$14 $10 at Thrive Market

4. Primal Kitchen Organic Avocado Mayo.png

Creamy, organic mayo made from avocado oil? Yes, please! This rich condiment contains organic, non-GMO ingredients, plus it has rave reviews from customers.

Thrive Market Collagen Peptides

$35 $26 at Thrive Market

5. Thrive Market Collagen Peptides.png

Collagen peptides are popular for boosting hair, skin and nail health. You can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality collagen with this pure, pasture-raised, non-GMO bag. Just scoop and stir into your beverage.

Wellmade Sugar-Free Hydration Boost

$28 $17 at Thrive Market

6. Wellmade Sugar-Free Hydration Boost.png

Get all those replenishing electrolytes without the sugar! There are zero synthetically derived sweeteners in this lemonade-flavored boost. Add a scoop to your water and get hydrated.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Sleep Gummies

$45 at Thrive Market

Take two full-spectrum hemp gummies and drift off to dreamland. Each raspberry-flavored serving contains 3 milligrams of melatonin. Sixty gummies are included per jar.

7. Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Sleep Gummies.png

Check out more great deals, get a free gift and even browse different shopping lists. Thrive Market makes healthy eating more convenient.