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The last few years threw everyone for a loop, but on the bright side, necessity is the mother of invention. When people couldn’t leave their houses, they started looking for easier, more accessible ways to do things — and certain brands, like 1-800 Contacts, delivered tenfold. This company believes in a better world where technology enables everyone to take control of their own vision care. In other words, you order everything else online, so why shouldn’t you be able to order your contact lenses too?

1-800 Contacts lets you skip all of the hassle (including the appointment, drive, waiting room and doctor’s office) and get right to the important part: getting the same brand of contact lenses your doctor prescribed, delivered straight to your door as fast as the next business day.

Place your online order – yes, it’s that simple

First, find your brand. That part’s super easy, granted there’s a search bar as well as a box-scanning option, and 1-800 Contacts carries hundreds of popular options.

Next, send a picture of your prescription via text, email or site upload, or enter the info manually; from there, the heavy lifting is done for you. 1-800 Contacts will verify every order alongside your prescription or your doctor, so you get the right ones every time, guaranteed.

Then simply place your order, sit back and relax. It’ll be at your doorstep ASAP.

Even if your prescription is expired, you can renew it online

If your prescription is expired, 1-800 Contacts allows you to renew it online — at home and in just 10 minutes. Thanks, ExpressExam! All you need is a phone or a computer to display the vision test and 10 feet of space to stand back and read it. It’s only $20, and as long as you pass, your prescription will be issued to you by an ophthalmologist who’s licensed in your state.

Faster and cheaper than going to the doctor

Even if your eye doctor’s office is five minutes away, you can place your entire order in less time than it would take you to drive there.

1-800 Contacts offers a best-price guarantee as well as free shipping, free returns and no-hassle subscription options. On average, renewing your prescription online costs $130 less than doing it in person. You can even use your FSA or HSA on contacts, so your money goes further with pretax savings. Finally, the site frequently offers new customer discounts, so you can save even more on your contact lenses.

No, you won’t have to speak to a robot

Yes, change is scary, and eye health is no joke. Luckily, 1-800 Contacts offers 24/7 customer service with US-based, trained optical experts. They also answer the phone really fast, so you won’t have to navigate annoying number pad menus in order to speak to a real human. If your prescription changes, you can exchange your unopened boxes for your new prescription at any time. You can even return a single unopened contact lens from 2015.

Basically, if you’re still living in the dark ages of time-consuming appointments and expensive contact lenses, it’s time to enter the future. Give 1-800 Contacts a shot and become one of the millions of people who have tried it, loved it and are never going back to the old way of doing things.