thanksgiving leftover waffle
We tried 4 wacky TikTok recipes to use up leftovers. One was a clear favorite
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After the last plate has been cleared from the table and everyone — except the person stuck washing dishes — has migrated to the couch, it’s time to begin the next part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

Yes, it’s time to divvy up and work through the leftovers.

These recommendations aren’t about reinventing the wheel. We’re offering a few options that will give you something to look forward to on your post-holiday meal plan. These are foods we already love, with Thanksgiving dishes folded into the familiar recipes.

Sorry, same old next-day sandwiches and turkey tetrazzini. We’re going in a different direction this time around.

Turkey enchiladas

Many of us turn to ground turkey as a healthier option in a variety of recipes. But it’s just as easy to chop up leftover Thanksgiving turkey and sneak it into non-holiday comfort food. Start by adding it to your favorite enchilada (or taco or burrito bowl) recipe.

Try these turkey black bean enchiladas and feel free to substitute a quality canned or jarred enchilada sauce if you don’t have it in you after the big day to make your own from scratch.

Use leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make turkey black bean enchiladas.

Still have more turkey to dispatch after making a pan of enchiladas? Freeze extra portions of leftover meat and use them in any recipe where you’d typically turn to rotisserie chicken.

Grain bowls