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Why keep treasured photos hidden away on your computer? Fracture transforms digital images into beautiful glass prints to display or gift. And photos aren’t the only subject for this stunning medium; art, documents and other pieces can be made into glass prints. An upgrade from standard framed prints, these unique pieces seem to glow from within, and there’s no framing necessary. Fracture prints are simply one quality piece that’s ready to display. Whether you’re looking for a single photo print or an entire gallery wall, Fracture has beautiful, handcrafted options to display special memories.

How to gift this simple, frameless work of art

No frames needed! Take your digital images and let Fracture turn them into beautiful, frameless art. Choose either Original Glossy or Matte glass finish. Original Glossy is reflective and catches light, producing depth. If you like the shine associated with framed photos, this option is for you. Matte glass prints feature a non-glare finish that works well in brightly lit rooms. Both options have a scratchproof finish and are available in sizes small (5 inches by 5 inches) to extra large (26.1 inches by 28.8 inches).

Available in original or matte finish

The perfect option for gifting, the Classic is an impressive yet versatile size that is sure to impress. Give a wedding photo, baby candid, vintage portrait or any other memory for an unforgettable gift.

Design a stunning gallery wall for your home or office — Fracture makes it easy. There are eight different photo wall layouts to choose from, each with handy paper templates that you can use to plan out the gallery on your wall. The templates even show where to place each screw, taking trial and error out of the install. Your glass prints will be perfectly spaced, and your new gallery wall will no doubt be a treasured focal point.

3 Prints | 26.9” × 26.7” display

Three prints are included with this gallery option: one Medium Square (11 inches by 11 inches) and two Classic Rectangles (14.4 inches by 10.8 inches) for a 26.9-inch-by-26.7-inch display. Use the layout tool to see exactly how your print trio will look on the wall.

Undecided? That’s OK. Fracture offers a versatile range of options for Gift Cards, making it easy and equally as meaningful to share this special gift with a loved one.

The perfect gift to celebrate the memories you’ve made together

Send a gift card digitally or by mail. The lucky recipient will receive instructions to get started ordering their own custom glass print or photo wall.

Fracture’s prints are made to order and hand-crafted in the USA

Your glass prints are handcrafted in Fracture’s Alachua, Florida, workshop. The company only uses premium, high-quality glass, and whether you opt for original or matte finish, you’ll be amazed by the vibrancy and depth of your piece. Getting a photo re-created on glass really gives it a beautiful new life as display-worthy decor.

The process starts when you upload your photo. Fracture begins crafting your order with a piece of hand-cut glass in your desired size. To create the image on the glass, colored ink is sprayed, then cured with a unique UV process, setting the vibrant hues. To add depth and highlight the image, an opaque layer of white goes beneath the colored ink layer. Finally, a lightweight foam mounting material is added to the back of your print for durability and to give it a bit of distance from the wall. After inspecting your newly finished glass print for quality (and checking against the original digital image), your order is carefully packed and shipped out. Curious about the process? Check out this video on Fracture’s thoughtful manufacturing:

As a carbon-neutral company, Fracture is committed to sustainability

Fracture is committed to responsibly producing sustainable products, from the ordering and manufacturing stages to packaging design. Carbon neutral sustainability is used throughout the process and your piece will arrive in durable, eco-friendly packaging so you can feel good about your order every step of the way.

Fracture wants you to feel good about your purchase

Fracture offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on its products as well as a free lifetime product warranty. Shipping is free on orders over $125 and customer support is always complimentary because Fracture strives to give customers a seamless ordering experience. You can earn points toward purchases, free gifts and other perks with the Fracture Rewards program.