Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio
CNN  — 

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who serves as ranking Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, put the Department of Justice and FBI on notice Wednesday in letters detailing potential investigations if Republicans reclaim the House majority and he is given the powerful gavel of the Judiciary Committee.

In the letters sent days before the November midterms, sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Jordan reiterates a wide range of requests Republicans have made over the last year. Jordan also calls on both officials to produce a long list of documents by November 16 and instructs them to preserve documents as well.

To Wray, Jordan said Republicans will seek to “examine the politicization and bias at the FBI, including into the 118th Congress if necessary.” From reupping a March request for a staff briefing about the status of FBI’s pipe bomb investigation to seeking to obtain all documents and communications relating to the search warrant that was authorized to search former President Donald Trump’s residence, Jordan’s letter summarizes all requests committee Republicans have made to the agency.

To the Department of Justice, Jordan writes, “committee Republicans have sent letters to Departmental components requesting documents and information on several issues, including but not limited to the Department’s targeting of journalists with Project Veritas, the shuttering of the Department’s China Initiative, the Department’s one-sided enforcement of the FACE Act, and the Department’s unprecedented raid on President Trump’s residence.”

Similar to the warning issued to FBI, Jordan added, “committee Republicans intend to continue to examine these matters, including into the 118th Congress if necessary.”