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Stanley Tucci traveled around Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines. In season two, he explored Sardinia, Calabria, Puglia and Liguria.

“I’ve traveled through this peninsula searching for a definition of a country that is at once welcoming and resistant, beautiful and dark, ancient and young,” Tucci said in the season finale.

“Pieces of the country we all know as Italy are to be found in the hills, fields, homes, mountains, castles, ruins and medieval streets, but my search has led me to realize that Italy as a single, pure entity is to be found only at the table.”

Now, season two of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” has ended, so we rounded up the best moments.

Here’s a look back at the most watched videos from this fall season.

Pasta breaking all the rules

spaghetti all'assassina stanley tucci searching for italy origseriesfilms_00021727.png
Tucci: This goes against everything I know about pasta
02:19 - Source: CNN

When Italian chef Celso Laforgia dropped raw pasta into a pan with no water, Stanley Tucci was shocked. Spaghetti all’assassina, or assassin’s pasta has a cultlike following in Bari, Italy.

Baking mishaps

stanley tucci searching for italy pane carasau origseriesfilms_00001319.png
Watch the mishaps as Tucci witnesses traditional breadmaking
00:48 - Source: CNN

Pane carasau is a thin crispy bread dating back to over a 1000 BC. This versatile bread is a staple in Sardinia. But as Tucci watches the bread making process, he witnesses a series of funny mishaps.

World’s best lobster

sardinia lobster stanley tucci searching for italy origseriesfilms_00002630.png
Saltier than the ocean, this region's waters make its lobster some of the world's best
02:23 - Source: CNN

Alghero is world famous for its lobster. It’s so good Queen Elizabeth II herself requested it for her wedding reception.

Wife material

sardinia stanley tucci searching for italy Fregola origseriesfilms_00002717.png
In ancient times if you didn't know fregola, you weren't wife material
00:59 - Source: CNN

Fregola, a couscous-like dish, is a central element in Sardinian cuisine. In ancient times if you didn’t know fregola, you weren’t wife material.

Tasting olive oil

olive oil tasting stanley tucci searching for italy origseriesfilms_00000911.png
Tucci learns the proper way to taste olive oil
00:53 - Source: CNN

The Puglia region of Italy is famous for its fragrant olive oil. Tucci visited a Puglian olive farm and learned the proper technique for tasting.

The most elaborate salad

liguria stanley tucci searching for italy cappon magro origseriesfilms_00000406.png
Feast your eyes on the most elaborate salad you've ever seen
00:56 - Source: CNN

This showstopping salad from Liguria is packed with the most expensive seafood. When it hit the table, Tucci was in awe of the presentation.

Sausage in dessert

stanley tucci searching for italy nduja calabria origseriesfilms_00004314.png
Tucci samples sausage in crème brûlée
01:07 - Source: CNN

While in Calabria, Stanley Tucci tried nduja, a spicy Italian sausage, in crème brûlée.

Newly invented cheese

stanley tucci searching for italy puglia cheese origseriesfilms_00015630.png
'Crazy': That's how family describes cheesemaker's bold invention
03:31 - Source: CNN

In Puglia, Stanley Tucci meets a cheesemaker who did something no one in this region had done before: create an Apulian blue cheese. He developed 66 types of blue cheese.

Tucci’s family classic

zeppole stanley tucci searching for italy origseriesfilms_00003404.png
Tucci family's unique twist on a must-have Italian treat
00:53 - Source: CNN

For the Tucci family, a feast is not complete without zeppole, a deep-fried beignet-like doughnut. Click here for the recipe.

The best pesto

pesto stanley tucci searching for italy origseriesfilms_00013030.png
The 'King of Pesto' shows Tucci how to make the perfect pesto
03:39 - Source: CNN

Liguria is the region we have to thank for pesto. And no one knows pesto better than chef Roberto Panizza, whose known as the “King of Pesto”. To see this recipe and other top recipes from this season, click here.