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October 28, 2022

A special edition of CNN 10 is headed your way! Though roads with fully automated driving may be decades away, we’re exploring what city roadways could look like if everything goes as hoped by the manufacturers and supporters of the driverless technology. And we’re considering how driverless cars could change the look of America cities themselves.


1. A federal appeals court recently halted a proposal by President Biden relating to what kind of debt?

2. What country in Africa has the largest elephant population?

3. Which country introduced a new Prime Minister this week after the previous official stepped down after 45 days?

4. What organization announced a team that will participate in its study of unidentified aerial phenomena?

5. On what date do Americans cast their ballots in the midterm elections?

6. What is the length of a United States Senate term?

7. Who currently holds the tie-breaking vote in the U.S. Senate?

8. What insect featured in Wednesday’s episode have scientists discovered likes some people more than others?

9. Which country is facing deadly floods that have displaced one million people. Hint: this nation was featured in Thursday’s episode?

10. What U.S. city just announced the launch of self-controlled driverless vehicles known as Robo-Taxis?

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