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Roughly 37 million bottles of Pine-Sol products have been recalled because they could contain a potentially harmful bacteria.

Clorox said some of the affected Pine-Sol products might contain a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can harm people with compromised immune systems or people with external medical devices because they pose “a risk of serious infection that may require medical treatment,” according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Eight different versions of Pine-Sol have been recalled, including Pine-Sol scented multi-surface cleaners (lavender clean, sparkling wave and lemon fresh scents), CloroxPro Pine-Sol all purpose cleaners (lavender clean, sparkling wave, lemon fresh, and orange energy scents) and Clorox Professional Pine-Sol lemon fresh cleaner.

The CPSC says no injuries have been reported.

The affected Pine-Sol products were made between January 2021 and September 2022. The described products were made at Clorox’s Forest Park, Georgia, factory. They were sold on Amazon and at several national retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Kroger and Dollar Tree.

Recalled bottles have date codes beginning with the prefix “A4” followed by a five-digit number less than 22249. The products are sold in bottles of varying ounces, ranging from 28- to 175-fluid ounces.

If someone has a recalled Pine-Sol bottle, the agency says to throw it away and contact Pine-Sol for a refund. A special website has been set up for refunds.