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The BBC has taken a swipe at outgoing UK Prime Minister Liz Truss — with a little help from Rihanna.

After a six-week premiership riddled with crises, Truss resigned on Thursday, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in the United Kingdom’s history.

Just hours after Truss announced her departure, the BBC’s Newsnight program broadcast a video montage, later shared on Twitter, summing up her disastrous month and a half in Downing Street. The clip is pointedly overlaid with Rihanna’s 2008 hit “Take a Bow”

The song includes barbs such as “you look so dumb right now” and “now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing.”

Other British news outlets couldn’t resist poking fun at the situation.

Channel 4 news broadcast another montage of Truss to the Taylor Swift classic ‘Blank Space,’ which is reportedly one of the politician’s favorite songs.

As Truss’ time in office descended into chaos, tabloid newspaper the Daily Star began livestreaming a lettuce, asking whether it would manage to outlast the prime minister. On day seven, the lettuce won.

Truss’ rapid downfall started in late September after she and her then-finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng announced a plan for £45 billion ($50 billion) worth of unfunded tax cuts to help grow the UK economy.

The announcement tanked the value of the pound, sent the country’s bond market into a frenzy, and threatened to hike mortgage rates for millions of people.

The turmoil forced Truss into a humiliating climbdown, reversing the majority of her plan.