Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane and Midori Francis in "Grey's Anatomy."
CNN  — 

“Grey’s Anatomy” has started its 19th season, currently the longest-running primetime medical drama on television.

At the end of Season 18, the Grey Sloan Memorial residency program was shut down. Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, took over as interim chief of surgery.

The premiere of the new season, titled, “Everything has Changed,” shows Grey Sloan Memorial has reinstated its residency program.

“A group of talented and striving young interns has been recruited as the attending surgeons work to rebuild the program to its former glory,” a show synopsis reads.

Returning this season is Pompeo (Dr. Meredith Grey), Kelly McCreary (Dr. Maggie Pierce). Jake Borelli (Dr. Levi Schmitt), Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey), James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber), Camilla Luddington (Dr. Jo Wilson), Chris Carmack (Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln), and Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd).

Scott Speedman also returns as Dr. Nick Marsh.

Viewers will meet five new interns, played by Adelaide Kane, Midori Francis, Alexis Floyd, Harry Shum Jr. and Niko Terho.

The premiere begins six months after last season’s finale. Meredith sees Nick for the first time since she turned down his offer to move to Minnesota.

The new doctors are helping patients who have injuries from a recent tornado.

Dr. Miranda Bailey, who quit her job at the end of last season, comes back to check on the new interns.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.