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The CNN/KFF Mental Health Survey is a joint project of CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation designed to assess Americans’ outlook on mental health and mental health care in the US today. Surveys were conducted by SSRS from July 28 through August 9, 2022, among a random national sample of 2,004 adults, including an oversample of parents which has been weighted to its proper share of the adult population.

The poll relies on two samples, one drawn from a nationally representative online panel and the other from a dual-frame random digit dial telephone sample. In the first, 1,603 adults were selected and surveyed online through the probability-based SSRS Opinion panel. In the second, 401 adults were reached on landlines or cellphones and surveyed by a live interviewer. Interviews were conducted in both English and Spanish.

The samples were combined and weighted to demographically match the national US adult population, using data from the Census Bureau’s 2021 Current Population Survey (CPS). Weighting parameters included sex, age, education, race/ethnicity, region, parental status, party ID and education. The sample was also weighted to address patterns of civic engagement and frequency of internet use. More details on the survey’s sampling and weighting can be found here. Results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Results among parents have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 6 percentage points.