Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson stands outside the Supreme Court with Chief Justice John Roberts following her formal investiture ceremony on Friday.
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Hours after she was formally sworn in at the Supreme Court on Friday, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson gave a rousing speech at the Library of Congress, saying that since her appointment, she has been approached by people from “all walks of life” with what she called “a profound sense of pride in what feels to me like renewed ownership.”

“I can see it in their eyes,” Jackson said. “They say this: ‘This is what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it.’”

“They’re saying to me, in essence you, ‘You go girl,’” she said. “‘We see you, and we are with you.’”

Chief Justice John Roberts administers the ceremonial oath to Ketanji Brown Jackson on Friday.

She said she was “humbled by the fanfare” surrounding her confirmation but added that she knows it is “not about me.”