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A great gift often has two qualities: It’s personalized and it’s unforgettable. Paint Your Life’s handmade portraits check both boxes — plus, they’re easy to customize and more accessible than you might think. Needless to say, they’re a brilliant yet no-brainer gift idea for just about any occasion. For a limited time, save 25% OFF of any order exclusively through this link or use code CNN25.

How does Paint Your Life work? First, choose your theme or medium. (Portraits can be made with oil, charcoal, watercolor, colored pencil, black pencil, acrylic or pastel, and each one is crafted by one of the company’s 300 professional studio artists.) Next, pick the photo you’d like to turn into a handcrafted portrait — or use multiple photos to bring those “If Only” moments to life with the simple compilation service. With Paint Your Life, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee and customers can work with their artist to fine-tune their creations. On average, the process takes from 22 to 26 days, but with express service and shipping, it can be on your doorstep in as little as two weeks.

Paint Your Life has over 10,000 glowing 5-star reviews on Trust Pilot from real customers who have gifted these portraits for weddings, birthdays, memorials, holidays and more. That said, no matter the occasion, the result was often tears of joy and a gift that lasts a lifetime. “I was truly amazed at how well everything turned out,” one reviewer writes, while another says, “I wish I [would have] recorded [the reaction.]” Keep reading to see what a Paint Your Life portrait can do for your loved ones and your special occasions.

Connect generations

If the moment of your dreams doesn’t exist, don’t worry; you can combine multiple photos into a single work of art. Create a portrait of your children with the grandparents they never got to meet, or incorporate a lost loved one or pet into a family photo.

Cherish special memories

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You likely have a favorite photo from a holiday get-together, an engagement shoot or a graduation. Maybe it’s of your best friend, your pet or your childhood home. Either way, it’s time to transform that moment from a thumbnail on your phone into a captivating portrait, which will become a statement piece in your home or a gift they’ll never forget.

Bring the family together

paint your life 3 Bring the family together

Distance and loss are unfortunate realities of life, but you can reunite everyone in a heartwarming image that lasts forever. Whether family members live far away or are no longer with you, a custom portrait can bring them all together. According to reviewers, these portraits are also an amazing way to repair relationships and strengthen bonds.

Compile pictures of your loved ones together

paint your life 4 compile pictures of your loved ones together

Maybe some members couldn’t attend a family wedding. Maybe the bride and groom were too busy mingling, or maybe you were simply having so much fun that you forgot to take one. Luckily, if you never managed to snap a shot of everyone together, you can compile several pictures of different people and have them all painted into a single portrait.

Complete your celebrations

paint your life 5. Complete your celebrations

Finally, a Paint Your Life portrait makes for a wonderful present that will leave any recipient speechless. Stray from the boring wedding registry, outdo yourself for your child’s birthday, turn longing into love for a memorial, commemorate a graduation or make the holidays more special than ever. Whatever the occasion, Paint Your Life can make your imagination come true. And don’t forget to save 25% OFF your order with code CNN25 or through this link!