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A penguin gets custom shoes, a scientist discovers the remains of one of Europe’s largest dinosaurs, and a rare implosion of twin-tower apartments. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Penguin gets new kicks

San Diego Zoo Penguin Gets Fitted with Custom Orthopedic Footwear

Specially Designed Neoprene/Rubber "Boots" Help Lucas Walk and Ease 
Symptoms of Non-curable Degenerative Foot Condition
See why this penguin was fitted with custom shoes
00:54 - Source: CNN

Lucas, a penguin at the San Diego Zoo, was recently fitted with custom orthopedic shoes to provide relief against a chronic condition he is battling called bumblefoot.

Mammoth finding

dinosaur bones discoverd in europe
See these massive dinosaur bones discovered in Europe
00:55 - Source: CNN

Scientists in Pombal, Portugal, have discovered the remains of a sauropod, one of Europe’s largest dinosaurs known for their long necks and tails.

Double demolition

screengrab india building implosion
Watch rare implosion of twin high-rise towers in India
00:31 - Source: CNN

Indian authorities have demolished two skyscrapers after a court ruling. Crowds watched as the towers imploded by controlled explosions.

My oh my she swallowed a fly

Farah Nasser Global News moos vpx
Canadian news anchor swallows fly on live TV
02:05 - Source: CNN

A Canadian news anchor swallows a pesky fly while she was live on TV. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports.

Left hanging

upside down woman moos
'This is so embarrassing': Woman gets stuck upside down at gym
02:01 - Source: CNN

A woman placed a 911 call while stuck UPSIDE DOWN at the gym. CNN’s Jeanne Moos has the lowdown on the upside down 911 call.