Jon Hamm in 'Confess, Fletch.'
CNN  — 

The first trailer for “Confess, Fletch” shows Jon Hamm as the title character “Fletch,” made famous by Chevy Chase.

The “Mad Men” actor stars in director Greg Mottola’s comedy based on the Gregory Mcdonald book of the same name. The movie also stars Hamm’s “Mad Men” co-star John Slattery, Ayden Mayeri, Lorenza Izzo, Roy Wood Jr., Annie Mumolo, Kyle MacLachlan and Marcia Gay Harden.

In the trailer, Fletch himself is a suspect in a murder case in Europe.

“I was an investigative reporter,” Hamm says in the teaser. “It’s an occupation that’s been cheapened by the digital age — like, president.”

Hamm told The Hollywood Reporter in 2020 that he has no plans on copying Chase’s version of the role, saying, “No one can touch Chevy’s portrayal of that character.”

He continued: “The character in the book’s a lot different than Chevy’s portrayal, and so when Bill Block at Miramax came to me and said, ‘You know, we own this and we think you’d be a good fit,’ I agreed, but I don’t want to imitate Chevy. I’m not interested in that and I don’t think anybody else would be.”

“Confess, Fletch” is out Sept. 16. theatrically and on-demand.