Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon and Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Targaryen in "House of the Dragon."
CNN  — 

HBO has dropped a new trailer for its “Game of Thrones” prequel, “House of the Dragon.”

In the trailer, King Viserys Targaryen, played by Paddy Considine, has a premonition.

“The dream… it was clearer than a memory,” he says. “And I heard the sound of thundering hooves, splintering shields and ringing swords, and I placed my heir upon the Iron Throne.”

“And all the dragons roared as one,” he says.

“House of the Dragon” is based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel “Fire & Blood” and will cover the events that transpired 200 years before “Game of Thrones.” The first season will be comprised of 10 episodes.

“Games of Thrones” aired on HBO from 2011 to 2019.

“House of the Dragon” premieres August 21 on HBO Max, which like CNN is a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Watch the trailer below: