Wildlife crossings around the world

Updated 4:31 AM ET, Mon July 4, 2022
Banff National Park wildlife crossing RESTRICTEDBanff National Park wildlife crossing RESTRICTED
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The Trans-Canada Highway cuts through Canada's Banff National Park, creating a major obstacle for animals moving across their territory. But wildlife underpasses and overpasses have reduced roadkill incidents by more than 80%, according to local conservation group Y2Y. Scroll through the gallery to see more wildlife crossings around the world. Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images
Every fall, on Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean, 40 to 50 million red crabs climb out of the forest where they live and scramble to the shore to mate. To prevent the red swarm paralyzing traffic, Christmas Island National Park has built 31 underpasses, as well as this near-vertical crab bridge. Reuters
The $87 million Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, slated to be the biggest in the world, broke ground in Los Angeles in April 2022. Cougars and other animals will soon have a safe passageway across the 10 lanes of Highway 101, linking the Simi Hills with the Santa Monica Mountains. Wallis Anneberg Foundation
Salamanders thrive in Canada's dense forests, but roads often cut off their migration routes and crossing them can be fatal. This culvert outside Toronto has been set up to protect the amphibians. Similar crossings in Waterton Lakes National Park have been equipped with skylights to help salamanders navigate in the dark. Ron Bull/Toronto Star/Getty Images
Singapore is one of the world's densest urban spaces, but parts of the country are undergoing a rewilding transformation. The Mandai Wildlife Bridge reconnects two parts of a nature reserve containing dozens of rare species, such as the sambar deer and the common-palm civet. Mandai Wildlife Reserve
The turtles of Kobe, Japan, once faced a perilous journey across the city's railways to access a pond: when the rails switched, they often got trapped between them and killed. These shallow tunnels free up just enough space for the turtles to freely pass beneath the tracks. Kobe Digital/Youtube
With deforestation eating into their natural habitats, it's harder for sloths in some parts of Costa Rica to find branches to swing between, and they can end up crossing roads at the mercy of cars and dogs. Simple rope bridges help not only sloths to traverse patches of forest -- monkeys and opossums have been seen using them too. Mongabay
In Washington State, a 15-mile stretch of the I-90 freeway is home to four underpasses, with another four under construction, along with fully vegetated bridges -- including the Keechelus overcrossing. Deer have been among the beneficiaries. Washington State Department of Transportation