The campsite outside Sydney where climate activists noticed camouflaged figures hiding on a nearby slope.

Camouflaged figures lurking in the bush expose Australia's angst over climate activists

Updated 4:02 AM ET, Mon June 27, 2022

Brisbane, Australia (CNN)Climate activists were sharing toast and coffee at a private campsite in mountains outside Sydney last Sunday when someone noticed movement on a nearby slope.

A member of the group went to investigate and found two figures in full camouflage gear, who appeared to radio for help from a black car that sped to the site.
"We were genuinely confused about why these people were on the property," said Zianna Fuad, a 29-year-old member of climate activist group Blockade Australia.
Video released by the activists shows several of them sitting on a car with deflated tires as an older woman yells expletives at the four occupants, including the two people dressed in camouflage.
"We thought that maybe they were right-wingers that were spying on