Vitamix Hero

We all know Vitamix for its top-quality blenders, but do you know about the brand’s Ascent series?

Smoothie lovers and juicers, rejoice! The Ascent blenders’ state-of-the-art design, power and intuitive controls bring blending to another level. Nutritious, fresh, restaurant-quality foods are so simple to make with a Vitamix. And smoothies are definitely not the only treat you can whip up. The Ascent series can help you make everything from dough to baby food. Create your own frozen desserts, soups, nut butters, dressings, nondairy milk and so much more. What will you blend up this summer?

There’s impressive technology in Vitamix’s versatile machines. Built-in wireless connectivity allows these blenders to advance with technology, and thanks to Vitamix’s 10-year full warranty, your blender will still be going strong. (Fun fact: Less than 2% of Vitamix products in the US have been returned for service, so you probably won’t need the warranty, but it’s nice to know it’s there.) The top-of-the-line A3500 features five program settings so you can make frozen desserts, dips, spreads, smoothies and hot soups. It also includes a self-cleaning mode. It adjusts to your chosen container size and even stops the blending when your treat is complete. Now, that’s an impressive appliance.

Check out the Ascent series:

Vitamix has been around since 1921, and the company has built its deservedly stellar reputation from the ground up, with quality products. Vitamix promotes whole-food consumption and an easier way to prepare nutritious meals, drinks and snacks.

Once you have your blender, sign up for the Vitamix Rewards program and cash in on your purchase. Online activities, including writing product reviews, learning blending techniques and completing surveys, can earn you points. Purchases also earn points, which can be traded for all kinds of fun rewards. Products from other brands, sweepstakes entries and Vitamix accessories are all up for grabs through the Vitamix Rewards program.

Whether your beverage of choice is nut milk or margaritas, you’ll be glad you got a Vitamix.

Built with convenience and versatility in mind.
High-performance Ascent machines feature wireless connectivity and a system of Self-Detect containers and accessories, making blending a breeze.

The A2300 model is the lowest price point at $499.95, but you can go all the way up to the A3500 With Stainless Steel Container, which runs $729.95 with all the bells and whistles. Touch Pulse, Touch Programmable Timer and more functions are at your fingertips via the sleek Touch Interface. The base pairs with a stainless steel, versatile BPA-free container.

Through July 17th, score Ascent Series blenders for $50-$100 OFF! You’ll have everything you need for serving up blended beverages as the weather heats up.