Whether you take your coffee hot or iced in the summer months, the quality of coffee you use does make a big difference for your final product — not to mention the way in which you brew it. For those of us who are coffee fans but don’t really like to put effort into it first thing in the morning (or during that mid-afternoon slump), Cometeer makes some of our favorite capsule coffee around — but it’s a little different from what you might think.

Cometeer is a subscription service partnering with some of the best names in coffee (Birch, Equator, Joe Coffee, etc.) to make java that’s as good as it gets for the homemade stuff. And right now, the whole site is 40% off with code SUMMER, making it a great time to stock up on your supply. For new subscribers, subscriptions that once cost $64 are down to $38.40.

The best part of making a cup of Cometeer coffee? You don’t need a machine to do it: Instead, you just take the pod out of the freezer, give it time to melt, then mix it into your choice of milk or water (we don’t recommend taking it like a shot). If you want hot coffee, you just run the capsule under warm water and dump it into your cup.

The coffee is freshly brewed and then flash-frozen at the peak of its flavor, with capsules containing liquid brewed at 10 times the strength of normal coffee — which means a great caffeine kick. The prices normally work out to $2 a cup, but with the sale that comes down to about $1.60 — pricier than Folgers for sure, but way, way better. This sale is only live for four days, so shop before it’s over.