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May 20, 2022

North Korea is reporting its first major outbreak of Covid, more than 2 years after the pandemic began. U.S. Soccer has announced an agreement to provide equal pay and benefits to its men’s and women’s national teams. Adventurers have explored a Chinese sinkhole that contains an “ancient forest.” And a swimmer in Alabama makes an unexpected discovery.

1. What cryptocurrency is predicted by some analysts to be worth $100,000 or more by year’s end, though its value recently dropped below $30,000?

2. What kind of eclipse occurred at the beginning of the week, bringing a colorful sight to stargazers in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and parts of Asia?

3. A popular definition of a recession, which some economists worry may be on America’s horizon, is two consecutive quarters of what?

4. What U.S. restaurant chain, which first opened its doors in Moscow back in 1990, recently announced that it would end its business in Russia altogether?

5. Following an agreement with the U.S. government, what company says its baby formula could start being restocked on store shelves within two months?

6. Scientists at the University of Florida recently said they had grown a plant related to mustard greens in what kind of soil, though the plant was less healthy than local crops?

7. Name the two northern European countries that, out of security concerns, have just applied to join NATO after decades of neutrality.

8. This week, following hundreds of reports by servicemembers and pilots, the U.S. Congress held a historic hearing into what?

9. What secretive, Communist nation has just reported its first major outbreak of Covid, more than 2 years after the pandemic started?

10. U.S. Soccer just announced that it would take what action regarding its men’s and women’s national teams, making it the first soccer federation to do so?

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