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The NASA InSight lander, which has been revealing the mysterious interior of Mars since 2018, is coming to an end.

Due to a decreasing power supply, the mission will cease scientific operations by the end of late summer. It has been revealing the mysterious interior of Mars since landing in November 2018.

InSight’s solar panels have been increasingly covered in red Martian dust, despite creative efforts by the mission’s team on Earth. This accumulation will only worsen as Mars now enters winter, when more dust is lofted into the atmosphere.

These floating particles reduce the sunlight necessary to charge the solar panels that power InSight, which is currently working on an extended mission that was expected to last through December. The mission achieved its primary goals after its first two years on Mars.

The final selfie shows that the lander is covered with far more dust than it was in previous selfies from December 2018 and April 2019.

A selfie captured by InSight shows a buildup of dust on its solar panels in 2019.