Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Refresh your yoga practice with a new mat — our top pick for beginners, the Liforme Original Yoga Mat, is at its lowest price we’ve tracked on Amazon. Beginner yogis will set themselves up for success with the Liforme Original Yoga Mat, thanks to its 12 alignment markers that show users exactly where they should be placing their hands and feet.

This beginner-friendly yoga mat features alignment markers and a no-slip grip, seamlessly guiding your practice.

Even if you’re not a novice, this deal shouldn’t be missed: any yogi can appreciate this mat’s smooth, almost silky top side and dense, 4.2-millimeter-thick natural rubber cushion. The alignment markers are a true highlight not found on most other mats. Giving cues to newbie and pro yogis alike, the subtle design of the mat works as a cheat sheet for beginners, making hand and foot placement much steadier (and easier!) during your yoga practices, especially for those of us who are getting our namaste on from home, without the positioning help from a live instructor.

Although the Liforme is available in five colors, only the gray and blue options are seeing significant discounts right now — perfect for anyone who prefers a subtle aesthetic. Covered in an eco-polyurethane layer on the top side, the mat delivers a no-slip grip that lends itself to a very stable, secure flow. What’s more, the Liforme is composed of naturally sourced sustainable rubber, is PVC-free, has no toxic ingredients and is biodegradable in one to five years in the rare chance it ends up in a landfill.